Saturday, January 14, 2012

"The basic building block of good communications is the feeling that every human being is unique and of value,"

Hello there!
I guess an explanation as to why I took this course is appropriate as a first post, yeah?!
Well, my name is Starr. I love studying things to do with language and communication. The desire to share, teach, or translate to another being is the very reason (I think) we exist. And communication is carried out in so many ways!
I believe movement, dance, and physicality are the most basic forms of communication. I like to imagine our ancient ancestors communicating primarily through touch and kinesthetics in a simple way--it makes me feel that being human is an elegant thing. Another type of communication is more passive. I believe the clothes we wear, title we hold, and things we surround ourselves with are intended to portray aspects of us, without requiring us to say anything. Thirdly, we have communication in its most familiar suit: spoken, auscultated (that just means heard), read, written language. We all use this kind. We use it to advertise and to flirt. We use it for entertainment or education. A minority of people use it to actually convey new information (shout out to the technical and news writers of the world, woot)! But the truly remarkable correspondents use this form of language to tell us what we already know. Communication at its performing stage is not about what information it gives the individual, but about what information it pulls out of you. A poem or a great novel is not necessarily beloved for the plot-line. The story is cherished because, by partaking of it, the reader learns about their own psyche. They feel real emotions in regards to the story. The experience is absolutely personal. This qualification transforms communication from a function into an art form.
I am excited to see what insights about gender, sex, and society this communications course pulls out of me. I want to determine what learning about these things from a speech/communication perspective will help me discover about my own gender-paradigm!